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A SQL query builder with zero dependencies

Supported Engines

Basic Engine

The default engine is Latitude\QueryBuilder\Engine\BasicEngine. This engine does not escape identifiers or provide any additional features.

Note: It is not recommended to use this engine in production.

Common Engine

The standard SQL-92 engine is Latitude\QueryBuilder\Engine\CommonEngine. This engine escapes all identifiers using double quotes. No other additional features are provided.

MySQL Engine

The MySQL engine is Latitude\QueryBuilder\Engine\MySqlEngine. This engine escapes all identifiers using backticks.

Postgres Engine

The Postgres engine is Latitude\QueryBuilder\Engine\PostgresEngine. This engine extends the CommonEngine to provide additional features:

SQL Server Engine

The MySQL engine is Latitude\QueryBuilder\Engine\SqlServerEngine. This engine escapes all identifiers using brackets. It also escapes brackets used in LIKE expressions, preventing the usage of character ranges.

Note: This engine relies on features found in SQL Server 2012 and above.

SQLite Engine

The SQLite engine is Latitude\QueryBuilder\Engine\SqliteEngine. This engine converts boolean values into small integers because SQLite does not have a separate boolean storage class. Instead, boolean values are stored as integers: 0 (false) and 1 (true).